Key Issues

Improving Health Care Access

I will work to expand telehealth and other services. I support easing regulations that hurt access to affordable health care. We can rethink models of health care delivery to improve patient outcomes and get services where they are needed the most.

Defending Public Schools

Nebraska has great public schools that work to educate every student. I’ll defend our public schools and make sure they have what they need to continue providing excellent education for all students.

Keeping Children Safe

Our state foster care system is deeply broken. Kids are being hurt by the system that is set up to protect them. I’ll use my experience in the foster care system to make sure we are protecting all of our youth.

Fighting for Equality

On the City Council, I’ve been a passionate voice to protect LGBTQ youth. I’ll continue to fight for underserved communities and make sure that our state lives out our motto, “equality before the law.”

Protecting Seniors

In the next decade, we will have more Seniors in Lincoln than students in Lincoln Public Schools. I will make sure we are proactively planning to meet their needs so they can continue to enjoy a high quality of life in our community.